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We Sell Soy Candles Wholesale

If you are into aromatherapy, you might want to get soy candles wholesale. It is way cheaper to get products wholesale and you don’t have to hasskle yourself to buy every once in a while when you run out. Order your favourite soy candles and other aromatherapy products at You can also call us at 0411 272 770.  

Soy candles make for a great gift for just about anyone, whether it’s your boss or your mother-in-law. If you are looking for gift ideas for the upcoming holiday or looking for giveaways on your wedding or birthday party, why not get soy candles wholesale. You can save money and even help in saving the environment. Soy candles are made from renewable source and do not contribute to global warming and air pollution, unlike paraffin-based candles.
When turned to candles, soy wax did not disappoint. Soy candles are natural and come from a renewable energy source. It does not give off carcinogens and has a longer life than paraffin candles by 30% to 50%. You don’t have to bring out a scraper when soy wax spills, as it can be easily cleaned since it is water soluble and biodegradable. What’s more, soy candles give a better smell than paraffin wax candles.
Here at The Original Soy Company, you can choose from a wide range of soy candles in a classy package. We also offer other products like soy tea lights and diffusers. If you are interested in getting soy candles wholesale, send us a message here at our website. You can also create an account here on our website. You also have the option to sign up for our newsletters, so you can be updated on new products and special promotions.
We Sell Soy Candles Wholesale

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