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Looking For Soy Candles Australia

If you are looking for soy candles Australia, just visit We offer a wide range of scented soy candles, soy tea lights, and diffusers. You can also get excellent accessories like wick trimmer and dipper to bird cages where you can place your candles. Be sure to view the gifts and hampers on our website for the upcoming holidays.

More and more people are now using soy candles Australia instead of paraffin wax, and it’s easy to see why they are shifting. Though paraffin wax is still more common—mainly because it was the only type of candle available in most markets for a long time— it isn’t the healthiest nor the greenest choice. It is made of petroleum, a non-renewable resource and has a limited supply. Burning petroleum products contributes to air pollution and global warming. The smoke from paraffin waxes also causes a black soot and contains carcinogenic toxins.
Soy candles last longer than paraffin wax as it burns cooler and slower. Since soy candles are made from soybeans, it is from a renewable resource. Another good thing about soy candles is that it is biodegradable, as soybeans are vegetables. Unlike paraffin wax, soy wax is easier to remove in case it melts onto surfaces. When you scrape off paraffin wax, you can end up damaging antique tables or expensive floorings. This won’t happen with soy wax.
At The Original Soy Company, you can find a wide range of soy candles Australia in different flavours. You can also choose from different sizes. Some of the interesting scent combinations we offer include black currant and nectarine, coconut and lemongrass, champagne and strawberries, green tea and lemon grass, pear and lily, and cranberry and mandarin. We even offer soy tea lights and diffusers.
For your convenience, you can order our products here on our website. You can even sign up for an account for quick ordering and reordering of soy candles and other items. Subscribe to our newsletter to know about our latest products and promotions.
Looking For Soy Candles Australia

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